Hi! I'm Brittany!

I'm so happy you are here!

Currently I am living in Kansas City, Missouri although I prefer to call South Dakota my home! I am a natural light portrait photographer focusing on Weddings and Engagements.  

To me photography is about celebrating life and capturing moments that happen way too fast.  It's about taking the time to value each family, couple, or senior I photograph, and being so proud of the final outcome.  It's about beauty, bliss, enchantment and life. Its the perfect moment in time where you marry the love of your life, or your two year old is screaming her head off and wanting cookies. Its all about the raw,  and seeing it for what it's worth and freezing these joyous moments in time.

One on my favorite things to do is reminisce and look at pictures,  because seeing a story unfold through art is truly a beautiful thing.


Want to connect? Awesome.

I  can't wait to hear from you.

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